Sunrise on the 16th Street Mall

Do you ever find yourself in absolutely the WRONG place when the light gets all awesome?  It happens, and it never stops sucking when it does happen.  You don’t really get over it, or used to it.  It always sucks.  But what can you do about it?

I know what I do.  I fire away at anything I can so at least I feel like I am being photographically productive.  The pictures don’t end up being remarkable, or special in any way, but at least I made an effort.  You have to capture some light.

That very thing happened on this cold, wet, and otherwise miserable morning in Denver.  Don’t get me wrong - I love Denver - but I was cold, wet and miserable.  I had fired some nice shots prior to this, such as this one of Union Station.  So the morning wasn’t a total bust.

But a while later I found myself on this street corner at the bottom of the 16th Street Mall, and the sunrise light was getting all fabulous, and I literally had no where I could go to get a great subject for this shot.  So I just fired away from the street corner, and had to deal with it.  It happens.

I also went ahead and did a quick Before & After comparison on this shot. Normally my comparisons are a bit more dramatic...cause you know, I like moving sliders around LOL...but in this case I feel like the changes that the HDR brought out (and of course, my processing choices) were a bit more subtle.  Just thought I would share.