Top Photo Spots in Glasgow, Scotland

Top Photo Spots in Glasgow, Scotland - The Best Places to Take Photos in Glasgow

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!  I guess you are thinking about visiting Glasgow, Scotland, or maybe you already have plans and have some free time to go take some photos.  Yes?  Great!  This list will help you find some beautiful spots in lovely Glasgow!

Do you enjoy architecture?  Do you like train stations?  How about churches and cathedrals?  Museums?  Universities?  Bridges?  Well, read on because Glasgow has all that and more! 

I have traveled to Glasgow several times on business, and always enjoy bringing the camera and firing a few shots.  One of the great things about Glasgow is that it is not a very large city, so getting from spot to spot is pretty easy (although there are a couple of exceptions). 

So, pack your camera and get ready to explore this beautiful Scottish city! 

And by the way, these are not ranked, they are in random order. 

1) Glasgow Cathedral, aka St. Mungo

This is a beautiful (and large!) cathedral that sits sorta on a hill on the edge of the city center.  I walked over there from the city center and it took about 20 minutes, but I was glad to be outside.  The chapel is beautiful and be sure and read on to #2. 



2) Glasgow Necropolis

While visiting a place like this might creep out some folks, I will say that the monuments here are quite beautiful, and the view over town is nice as well.  This necropolis sits directly behind the Glasgow Cathedral, so this is sorta a two-for-one.  Easy.


3) St. Andrew's Cathedral

This is one beautiful place, believe me.  It was completely renovated a few years ago and it just shines and shines.  It's on the riverbank, and is a very short walk from Central Station and the core city center area.  Well worth the short walk over here! 


4) The Kelvingrove Museum

I am a fan of museums, though honestly I seem to be more interested in shooting them than paying attention to all the goodies inside.  Sorry, but it's true.  But this museum has enough of both to keep me happy.  Cool exhibits (and some photo-worthy spots too) on the inside, and of course this exterior is just so cool.  It feels like a Harry Potter moment when you are standing and looking at this thing!


5) The University of Glasgow

This is another two-for-one, since the University sits just a stone's throw from the Kelvingrove Museum.  By the way, these two spots are one of the exceptions I mentioned earlier, in that they are easier to reach by cab or train, as it would be a pretty decent walk to get here from the city center.  In a cab it's just a few minutes, and a few pounds.  I love this spot because of all those arches, but right around the corner is a beautiful chapel too, and a nice courtyard is just out of frame here as well. 

 6) Central Station

Ok, back to feeding my train station addiction.  It's an addiction, so I cannot make apologies for it.  It's just something I love.  How can I explain that?  Anyways, you can't really miss Central Station since it's right there in the city center. Best bet is early on a weekend morning to get it all empty like this! 



7) Gallery of Modern Art

Ok, I realize I am now on #7, but this is actually my favorite place to shoot in Glasgow.  I just love the look of this building.  It's so architecturally beautiful to me.  It sits right in the city center in Royal Exchange Square (see #8) and just a short walk from Central Station.  It's a can't-miss sort of spot! 


8) Royal Exchange Square

As I mentioned above, this is in the city center core area, and is a great spot for walking, talking pictures, and watching people go by.  And there will be a LOT of them going by.  But, if you show up right after the rain quits, and it happens to be nighttime, you can get a scene like this! 

 9) George Square / Glasgow City Chambers

Here's another easy one to get, as it's literally around the corner from Royal Exchange Square.  George Square is a huge common area and the far end is where the Glasgow City Chambers sits.  It's just another one of those cool European squares - snap away!


10) Bells Bridge / Clyde Auditorium

This one is the other exception I was referring to when talking about how close everything is.  This one is a pretty decent walk, depending of course on how fast you walk.  It took me probably 20 minutes from the city center, but if you get distracted shooting other things it could take longer.  :-)  But when you get here, you will find this cool old bridge with this armadillo-looking structure just across it.  Pretty interesting stuff, actually! 

11) Inside The Kelvingrove

I mentioned shooting the exterior of this wonderful museum in #4 above, but it wasn't until my most recent trip that I got a real opportunity to shoot the interior - and it's fabulous!  I love architecture and this cavernous main hall is something to behold!

12) Argyle Arcade

This one and the next one are both shopping centers, but you may be too distracted by the sheer architectural beauty to do any shopping.  And for the record, as a man I dislike shopping, except at camera stores.  :-)

13) Princes Square

The second shopping center that I can actually recommend visiting, but only with a camera.  I love multi-level spots like this.  The compositional options are endless!

14) The Grand Central Hotel facade

This is a hotel entry, and it's attached to the Central Station train terminal, which I mention as a great place to shoot above.  I wandered by here many times without paying much attention, but thankfully I woke up on my last trip and grabbed this shot.  I love spots like this!

15) Caffe Nero (Princes Square)

Another easy to grab shot, and one that is certainly unique.  I believe this was a former entry to an underground train station there, but it's definitely a coffee shop now!  I just think this place looks so wickedly awesome.

16) Ashton Lane

This is a tiny little lane out on the west end of town near the University (see #5 above), and while it might be a little hard to find, it's way worth it.  Most would describe Ashton Lane as "cute" - and it is - but it's also a great place to shoot with a bunch of little bars and restaurants in a row, with those twinkling lights overhead.  Just a short walk from the University!

Well, that's it for now!  I will likely add some more spots as I make return trips, and as I get through all my Glasgow photos in my library.  I still have plenty to go process!

If you know of other great spots in Glasgow, feel free to leave them in the comment section.  Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your visit to Glasgow!